Favorite Fighters

Daniel Milicevic
(1st Dan, 6’5”, 225lbs, 27yrs, USA)
“Serbian Giant” Daniel Milicevic is ready to shine. He had a phenomenal rise the last 2yrs, having won the National Super Heavyweight Champion in Serbia and fought on the European Team to the 10th World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo; relocating to the USA and serving an “Uchi Deshi” apprenticeship at the NY Dojo, and last year taking the US Superheavyweight Championship title here in LA – all while still a Brown Belt. In September 2012, Daniel successfully achieved 1st Dan Black Belt. He’s pumped up, fired up, and ready to live his American dream.

12 – US Weight Category Karate Championships, 1st Place (Super Heavyweight)
11 - US Weight Category Karate Championships, 2nd Place (Super Heavyweight)
10 – European Weight Category Karate Championships, 3rd Place (Super Heavyweight)
07~09 – Serbian Open Karate Championships, 1st Place (Super Heavyweight)

Koto Hiraoka
(1st Dan, 5’2”, 110bs, 21yrs, USA)
Koto Hiraoka started Kyokushin in Japan when she was just 9 years old, and only recently entered the IKO international tournament circuit as an adult since moving to NYC from her hometown, Yokohama, to join the NY Dojo in 2010. Koto has fought toe to toe with Women’s Champions, Elena Vorobyeva and Miruyo Ito, and has only stepped up her game since. She is a burning young fighter with exceptional footwork and powerful kick combinations. Don’t let her size fool you; Koto is the little tornado force insistent on taking the Championship by storm.

12 – All American Women’s Light Weight, 2nd Place
12 – US Weight Category Karate Championships, 2nd Place (Lightweight)
11 – All American Women’s Light Weight, 3rd Place

Miruyo Ito
(2nd Dan, 5’2”, 111lbs, Los Angeles)
Returning to our stage is local hometown favorite Senpai Miruyo who has know been living and training fulltime in LA for the past couple years. She is popular with adults and kids alike due to her longstanding commitment to karate and teaching its fundamentals. On the international competitive scene, Miruyo has found much success having recently been honored in Tokyo as as the World Women Kata Champion in 2012. This year we look forward to seeing her on our local stage where she will dazzle the crowds with her prowess and technical detail.

05,08,09 and 12 – Women's World Karate Championships - 1st Place (Kata) 
12 – US Women’s Weight Category Championships - 1st Place (Kumite & Kata Both)  
10 – Women's World Karate Championships – 2nd Place (Kata)    
07 – Women’s World Championship 1st Place (LW)

Shohei Yamamoto
(1st Dan, 5’10”, 190lbs, Los Angeles)
After being absent for the last 2 years due to persistent injuries, Senpai Shohei is back! It wasn't long ago when Shohei took 1st place honors after having years of success as a junior and as an adult Men's Open competitior at the 9th World Open in 2008. Shohei has been actively training fulltime in his downtime recovery so don't underestimate his hard hits and agile footwork. We fully expect Shohei to excel in his weight class and take top honors again in 2013.

10 – U.S. Weight Category 1st Place (Heavy Weight)
09 – 4th World Weight Category 3rd Place (Middleweight)
09 – U.S. Weight Category 1st Place (Heavy Weight)
07 – The 9th World Open Karate Tournament

Nicolae Stoian
(3rd dan, 6’, 195lbs, Romania)
We welcome European Champion, Nicolae Stoian back to Los Angeles where he has become a regular contender and repeat champion here at the USWC. ‘Nico’ is a renowned Kyokushin fighter for his strong hits and never-say-die spirit. He is both respected and feared by his fellow competitors around the world, and undoubtedly has the skills (and results) to partake in the upcoming World Weight Category in Tokyo. No matter the weight class, Nico he will be an imposing force for every man in his draw.

12 – US Weight Category Karate Championships 2nd Place (Heavy Weight)
11 – US Weight Category Karate Championships 1st Place (Heavy Weight)
10 – European Championships 1st Place (Open Weight)
09 – All American Open Karate Championships, 3rd Place