About USWC Donation for NPO

Osu to all Kyokushin member,    (日本語は下にスクロールしてください。)

Thank you so much for your participation in Kyokushin Karate. We are proud to once again host the annual U.S. Weight Category Karate Championships (USWC). This is an important event for the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan as it provides opportunities to fighters of all ages and from all over the world to share a common bond through competition. It allows the fighters to pursue specific goals and rewards them with recognition for their hard work.

The USWC is also a venue for showcasing our art to the people of Los Angeles and it allows the audience to have a rich cultural experience. Many of the competitors from Los Angeles who got their start in this event have won outright or placed respectively in world championships.

In January, the USWC tournament is again being held dutifully with the sponsorship and help of countless volunteers. We are a non-profit organization (NPO) and we utilize this venue to contribute to society through the growth and development of youth in our community. We ask that you consider donating to our NPO so that we can continue to hold this tournament without fail each year. We can issue 501(c)(3) receipt for any donation amount for tax purposes. While optional, these contributions do go a long way in sustaining this event.

Donation start at $20 and can be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal (send to: info@kyokushinla.com).

I really appreciate your support and cooperation.

IKO Kyokushinkaikan Los Angeles
Shihan Taku Nakasaka
Branch Chief / USWC Tournament Organizing Director




現在、本大会はNPO(NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION / 非営利団体)として運営しており、武道を通じての地域貢献、青少年育成を目標に掲げ、毎年の活動を続けていますが、大会の成功と活動の拡大へと繋げて行くべく、皆様からのご寄付をお受けさせて頂いております。ご寄付の際には、501(c)(3)非営利団体領収書を発行させて頂いております。また、寄付者のお名前は個人・法人に関わらず、大会パンフレットにて掲載させていただいております。

寄付金は一口$20以上とさせて頂きます。寄付の方法は、現金、チェック、クレジットカード、又はPayPalで可能です。PayPalの場合は、(send to: info@kyokushinla.com宛となっておりますので宜しくお願い致します。


国際空手道連盟 極真会館 ロサンゼルス支部
支部長・師範 / USウエイト制大会実行責任者